Videos for Kids

If you love the Polly Pocket dolls, you’ll love getting to know the gang in the Polly Pocket videos. Featuring all sorts of entertainment, including activities and games for girls, PollyPocket.com is your gateway to the fabulous world of Polly Pocket. Watch the crew in concert; join the girls for a sleepover; and help them celebrate in Birthday Bashed. Other Polly Pocket videos include Snapshot, Dance Invasion, Double Diva, The Show Must Go On, Message in a Battle, Docu Drama, New Tunes, Picture Perfect, Birthday Surprise, Sugar Wonderland, Frankenbubble, and Rick’s Performance. Also check out all the cool stuff at Polly Place, and meet the Polly and her friends in My Scrapbook. At PollyPocket.com, there is never a dull moment!

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